AI/ML Engineer - Stage 3

In this stage of the AI/ML Engineer course series, you will be learning about unsupervised learning, a subcategory of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Unsupervised algorithms are a set of algorithms which is used to analyze and cluster a set of unlabelled data. These algorithms try to determine hidden patterns or data groupings without human intervention. 

The stage 3 of the course series is designed to deliver adequate theoretical knowledge regarding several algorithms with relevant practical examples to provide a clear understanding of unsupervised learning. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand the basic difference between supervised learning ( you learned in stage 2) and unsupervised learning approaches, and how they can be applied to different real-world scenarios. The course is further enhanced with a practical and hands-on approach to utilize the innovative tools and technologies you learned during stage 1 to apply the advanced theoretical knowledge in unsupervised learning approaches.

In addition, the Centre for Open and Distance Education (CODE) at SLIIT promotes and delivers the environment for the participants to achieve a global certification in the AI discipline with a systematic approach to coursework. Course content will be available for students at course enrolment and students can complete the lessons in self-paced manner. To complete a lesson, you need to undertake a quiz and score more than 80%. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this course.